Ursa Hollows

Ursa Hollows is a simulation game for iPhone and iPod Touch.  In Ursa Hollows, you create your own hollows full of cute and fuzzy bears.  As you play, you can level up and train your bears to collect more gold so you can create an even more extravagant hollow.  Additionally, you can discover rare new breeds of bears using the Breeding Den or even watch as your bears compete for prestigious awards in the Arena.  All this and more is free to experience in Ursa Hollows, available now on the App Store. Download it here.

Here’s what some early reviewers had to say about Ursa Hollows:

“Ursa Hollows, Carvine Software’s debut app for iOS, combines strategy, cultivation, and competition all wrapped in an adorable, fuzzy package.” -Celia Blundo, curlsandcusses.com

“I’m not usually much for iPhone games that don’t involve word tiles or falling blocks, but I turned into a bear tycoon three days after installing this game.” -Celia Blundo, curlsandcusses.com

On this page, you can find resources related to the game, including the preview trailer and screenshots.  If you have any questions about Ursa Hollows, please contact us at press@carvinesoftware.com.

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Preview Trailer



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Ursa Hollows Title Screen Ursa Hollows Screenshot 1 Ursa Hollows Screenshot 2
Ursa Hollows Screenshot 3 Ursa Hollows Screenshot 4 Ursa Hollows Screenshot 5
Ursa Hollows Screenshot 6 Ursa Hollows Screenshot 7 Ursa Hollows Screenshot 8
Ursa Hollows Screenshot 9